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Welcome to Bio Preg Check
Thank you for your interest in Bio Preg Check. We provide a non-invasive, quick response, 97% accurate, embryo safe, quality assured pregnancy test for livestock. Using the BioPRYN blood pregnancy test for cattle, we are able to provide a new, innovative way to determine cattle pregnancy in your operation.

Our office opens at 9:00 a.m Monday through Thursday. If you submit blood to our lab before 10:00 a.m. it will be processed that day, otherwise it will be processed on the next business day. Bio Preg Check is closed for all major holidays.
- We are open during the COVID-19 Quarantine -
The Bio Preg Check Lab is open and operating during these months of coronavirus changes.
Give us call at 979-533-0858 if you have any questions.
What is Bio Preg Check?
Bio Preg Check uses and markets the BioPRYN blood pregnancy test for cattle.

BioPRYN® (Pregnancy Ruminant Yes/No) is a pregnancy detection procedure in cattle. It measures the presence of Pregnancy-Specific Protein B (PSPB) in the blood circulation of the animal. The PSPB is a protein that is produced by the placenta of the growing fetus. BioPRYN® begins with collection of a blood sample (2cc) from the animal. The samples are then shipped to a laboratory where an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is performed. Reports may be downloaded directly into ranch management software. Using BioPRYN® assures accuracy. When the livestock producer or veterinarian draws blood samples from the animal(s) at the correct time (28 days post natural breeding, 28 days after AI, and 34 days of embryo life in the case of embryo transfer) after breeding and 72 days after calving in cattle, the pregnancy question is answered within 27 hours after testing begins!

Bio Preg Check Pricing:
- Cattle 28 DPB & 72 Days Post Calving - Cost: $3.00/sample
- Cattle (Embryo Transfer) 25 days post-implant or 32 days post-head - Cost: $3.00/sample 
- Goat 30 Days Post- Breeding & 30 Days Post Buck Removal - Cost: $6.75/sample  

How to prepare for using bioPRYN®:
The herd owner or vet follows these simple tasks:
- Makes a list of all eligible animals
- Assembles Vacuatiner® tubes (red or gray and red topped) and disposable syringe. Supplies cost - $1.00 per animal and can be ordered from Bio Preg Check.
- Samples at least 2 cc (5 cc for wildlife) of blood
- Avoids cross contamination by using new supplies for each animal.
- Labels each tube using water-insoluble ink or pencil with the tube sequence # and the animal #. 

How to order supplies:
- Please order supplies from as some outside tubes do not fit in some of our equipment.
- - Determine the number of animales to be tested.
- Contact Bio Preg Check Either by emailing ( or texting (979-533-0858) with the number of animals to be tested. 
- Include Shipping Information, Name and Phone number.
- Invoice will be sent with the supplies.
- Box will include – supplies requested and invoice for supplies and shipping and handling.
- Payment must be sent in as soon as supply kits are received. 
- Cost Per Head for supplies: $1.00 ( this includes 1 syringe and 1 Vacationer tube)

Tube Labeling Instructions:
- Packages samples for delivery to the laboratory
- Include a Sample Submittal Form with the sample and tube sequence numbers and list and fills in the blanks on the form.
The sample submittal form indicates how tests results are to be delivered (mail, fax, phone, e-mail).

More Helpful Information:
View our Frequently Asked Questions.
View video on how to tail bleed a cow.

About Us:
The Schwertner family has been involved in the livestock dealer business for over 63 years. Bio Preg Check was founded by Teresa Schwertner, a fourth generation family member involved in the cattle auction barn business. H.W. (Billy) Schwertner, auction proprietor and rancher first started using BioPRYN®, the blood-based pregnancy test in his own cattle in January 2007. The test worked well on their breeding herd, so Teresa opened Bio Preg Check, LLC in April 2008 in Wharton, Texas. Teresa owned and operated Bio Preg Check until her passing in May 2019. The Schwertner family will continue to operate Bio Preg Check along with the dedicated team of staff and lab operators. 

In the first nine months of the laboratory, a total of 15,204 samples were assayed. In 2009, the pregnancy checks handled in the lab has grown by 30 percent, and has continued to increase each year. The BioPRYN® test is growing rapidly in the beef cattle business in the southern states. BioPRYN® test is working great for the large beef cattle producers, but also fits the small urban rancher. Some of the factors for the success is the ease of the blood collection process, the accuracy of the test, and its affordability. 
Testing Information
Please use the following forms for your testing.
Thank you for your interest in Bio Preg Check. If you have any additional questions please call us at 979-533-0858 or 979-224-3121. We love to hear from our customers, and we are happy to help you however we can.
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